The Musical Life and the Challenge to Survive
The Musical Life and the Challenge to Survive
Course Syllabus: NMCC-04, Semester Model
Instructor: True Rosaschi
Meeting time:  (3 hours per week)
Course Description:
The Musical Life and the Challenge to Survive - This course is a forced confrontation into practical issues surrounding survival as a musician. Starting with foundational studies of creativity and innovation, the student moves toward external skills that are needed after creating marketing materials such as appropriate social networking and interactive aptitudes.
Learning Objectives:
1. To discover the driving forces of innovation and creativity.
2. To prepare high quality materials for self-presentation and learn the fundamentals of fundraising.
3. To practice relevant social networking for maximizing realistic opportunities in the field.
Learning Activities:
Class discussion and community participation.
Final outline carefully revealing a  professional objective.
Weekly Mindmaps:  Creating visual structures to help clarify thoughts and intentions.
Written Grant Proposal:  Requirement to write a grant to support a real or intended project.
Social Interaction Reports: Weekly reports on relevant networking results.
Final Presentation: Research paper documenting the process and realization of any artist who has become financially independent.
Required Readings:
Selected readings form course reader.
Course Schedule:
Weeks            Activities/Assignments
1            Introduction to material and seminar process.
              Lecture/Discussion: Liberty and the determination of the musical life.
2            Lecture/Discussion: Creativity, innovation and techniques of exposure.
3            Lecture/Discussion: Practical aspects of utilizing competence in the field.
4            Lecture/Discussion: The body politic and defining appropriate communities.
5            Lecture/Workshop: Grant writing and the discovery of philanthropic resources.
6            Guest Lecture: Cross-Cultural explorations of self-esteem and performance fear.
7            Lecture/Discussion: International outreach: forums, institutes and users groups.
8            Lecture/Discussion: Creative residencies and retreat opportunities.
9            Lecture/Discussion: The value of collaboration.
10          Lecture/Discussion: Online communities and how to maximize visibility.
11          Guest Lecture: Personal finance and creating a home business.
12          Lecture/Discussion: Physics and artistic discipline.
13          Lecture/Discussion: Job-seeking strategies within the creative arts.
14          Final Presentations of personal proposals.
15          Final Presentations of personal proposals.
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