Cross Cultural Currents in Music
Cross Cultural Currents in Music
Course Syllabus: NMCC-03, Semester Model
Instructor: True Rosaschi
Meeting time:  (3 hours per week)
Course Description:
Cross Cultural Currents in Music- This course explores the influence of musical forms and connectedness between Western and Non-Western musical forms. Not a World Music survey, the students aim is to understand more deeply the culture by its creative output and how the view into the  music deepens the perception of the culture as a whole .  This broader perspective allows the listener to discover this music on its own terms without automatically involving Western standards and values.
Learning Objectives:
1. To broaden and develop new cultural perspectives through music.
2. To learn the structural form and design of selected Non-Western music.
3. To challenge perceptions by analyzing peripheral and cultural references
Learning Activities:
Class discussion participation
Presentations reflecting class learning
Mid-Term Paper:  A report of a chosen Non-Western culture which may center on non-musical subject matter.
Written Case Study:  A detailed comparison of 2 chosen cultures using musical examples.  (7-10 pages)
Final Presentation: Present an original composition demonstrating the influence of Non-Western musical form.
Required Readings:
Selected readings form course reader.
Course Schedule:
Weeks            Activities/Readings/Assignments
1            Introduction to material and seminar process.
              Lecture: Defining Culture and Cross/Culture in Music.
2            Discussion: Establishing appropriate perceptions of difference.
3            Lecture and discussion on Integration vs. Isolation.
4            Lecture: Western perceptions of Non-Western Music.
5            Lecture: Acculturation and Biculturalism.
6            Lecture: The Universal aspects of natural sound.
7            Lecture: Exploring folklore and indigenous identities.
8            Regional Focus: North Indian Classical Music.
9            Regional Focus: Javanese Gamelon Music.
10          Regional Focus: West African/Ghanian Music.
11          Regional Focus: Native American Music.
12          Regional Focus: Persian Classical Music.
13          Regional Focus: United States Ghettoization and Urban Music.
14          Final Presentations.
15          Final Presentations.
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