The curriculum furnishes the composer and performer with a balanced symmetry of creative components for the 21st Century.
Electronic Music - Fundamentals of Experimental Music for composition using electronic and desktop technologies. Digital audio, sound synthesis/analysis, signal processing and real-time performance software are primary subjects for the sharing of creative work.  
Explorations in Improvisational Music - An inquiry into improvisational styles ranging from Jazz to various experimental models. This seminar includes improvisational participation from the students.
Cross-Cultural Currents in Music - In this course, the students will engage in the counterpoint and co-existence of cross-disciplinary frameworks/designations of Western and Non-Western music drawing from influential sources of anthropology, history, philosophy and literature.
Music and Postmodernism - Dialogues on the shifts of musical sensibilities with its inherent conflicts and complexity. New musical perspectives are contextualized by investigating well-known theories in the varied fields of philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history and women's studies.
Composition Seminar - Discussions revolve around an examination of past and present composers and feature presentations by students and invited guests. Due to the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the field of music composition in contemporary society, we regularly invite media artists, painters, dancers, philosophers, poets, scientists, as well as musicologists and performers.
The Musical Life and the Challenge to Survive – Theoretical notions such as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, “Survival vs. Fulfillment”, creating community, the value of social networks and issues of dedication and commitment will be explored. Issues of creativity and innovation will be of particular focus.
Survey of Contemporary Music – This course aims to better define the perceptions of what the music of our time is. Examples will be proposed and shared. The historical movement from past to present tracking methods, means and technologies will be considered such as how musical traditions are created, manipulated and questioned.
Sound Analysis and Recording Techniques – An in-depth study and practicum of desktop recording methods and the relevant hardware and software means that bring the creative idea into the performers ear ranging from private to public listening models. Competence in mixing and mastering will also be achieved.
The Inner Challenge of Performance - An interactive seminar on performance and the issues surrounding the relationship to the audience. Discussions around musical identity, origins of fear, elements of practice and memory serve as a basis for cultivating a deeper understanding of the art of performing.
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